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Billy and DadMy three children have been around my team since they were born and I told them when they turned 10 years old they could be on the sideline during a game. Last February my oldest daughter, Holly turned 10.  No sooner than us celebrating her birthday did she remind me that she is now allowed on the sidelines. That was fine with me and I was actually very excited to have her down on field level. Holly loves sports and plays several sports throughout the year.

The problem was dealing with my 8 year old son Billy.  When Billy found out that Holly was going to be on the sideline, he started pleading and prodding.  Finally, I had to give in and allow both of them to be there for our first game of the 2013 season. Mary is only 6 so she still likes being with Mom in the stands!

To add to the excitement, Holly wanted to sing the National Anthem. Wow!  She practiced before our scrimmage the week before and did quite well. But now she was on the big stage; Lynchburg vs. Salisbury at home-1:00.

Holly nailed the Anthem and she and Billy were on the sidelines for the game.  I have attached a picture of Billy walking out with me before the game. His face says it all and a picture is definitely worth a 1,000 words.

The game was outstanding and it came down to the final minute of the game; the score was tied 13-13.  We called a timeout with about 30 seconds left and as we huddled as a team, my son stood by  my side, as he had done throughout the other timeouts during the game. Holly hung around the outside of the huddle.  However, during this timeout, Billy decided to raise his hand as if he was in the first seat of a classroom trying to get the attention of his teacher. I did everything I could to give out the game plan to the team and try not to look at my son. (That is hard to do.)  Needless to say I did not call on him during that timeout!  We ended up scoring and winning the game 14-13.  Billy and Holly were part of the celebration and their first experience of  being on the sideline could not have turned out better.

While I will remember this game as a great win for our program, I will remember it more for having 2 of my children on the sideline.  A lot of people call me coach but I have only 3 people that call me Dad. What an honor and a privilege!

I still wonder what Billy was going to ask.

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