Logan Short- A Way of Life

Logan Short is someone that comes around only once in awhile. Logan was a walk on from Delaware and he had an infectious personality. He knew all of the mascots of everybody’s high school and was always trying to find out new trivia.

On the field, Logan earned his way onto our team and in his senior year ran on a very important midfield line with a young Brian Kemper and Andy Sinclair.

They were huge in the ODAC Championship game and played very cool under very intense situations.

Logan was always very passionate about Lynchburg College and continues to be to this day. He was a very hard working self motivated person who has had continued success since graduating college.

It was an honor to coach Logan Short!

To read more about Logan Short and why he thinks Lynchburg Lacrosse is a Way of Life, be sure to check his post here: http://bit.ly/Sfn2QA

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One comment on “Logan Short- A Way of Life
  1. Ardita says:

    Words cannot eperxss have thankful we are for the pictures you captured today. It is a morning we will never forget, and have the beautiful pictures to remind us of this wonderful time in our lives. Thank you Jim for being such an awesome friend and photographer!

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