A Way Of Life

A Way of Life

One of the highlights of this job is getting the chance to sit down with some alumni, talk, and share some of our greatest memories.  It is almost unbelievable to think that I am entering my 17th year as head coach. I cannot begin to tell you about the impact the student athletes have had on this program over the years.  However, I can say that each person who has played for me has been truly important to me in all kinds of ways.

When I took over this program in the summer of 1996, the first thing I wanted to do was to recruit the best people I possibly could. I wanted to surround myself with guys that had the same passion for this sport that I did and who could share the same vision that I had. I have been blessed with all of those who have been a major part of my time here at Lynchburg.

During the dinner this summer with the alumni, I could not escape a theme that seemed to manifest itself the more we talked. This theme was: Lynchburg Lacrosse is, in many ways, A Way of Life. The alums would say something, or tell a great that would always seem to lead itself back to this very theme. All of the things they went through and experienced led them to think of this program as a true Way of Life.

Upon the conclusion of this dinner, my current assistants, all LC Graduates, sat down and decided that we as a program should reach out to the alumni and ask them to share their stories. These stories are meant to describe the Lynchburg College Men’s Lacrosse Program’s,A Way of Life.

Over the next several weeks and months I encourage you to check in to read the latest installments of The Way of Life that can be found on our Athletics webpage and on the Lynchburg Lacrosse Facebook page. Also, check in to this blog to read a few words about the alumni who will be featured each week.

I hope you enjoy these stories and the comments that I make about these special people. These stories embody the phrase; A Way of Life.

Coach Koudelka


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  1. Thomas says:

    – Thanks, Mark! I’m glad that you enjoyed them. It was my first lcasosre game; and, I tell you, those girls play rough. But I could tell that they have a lot of fun. And I think it’s therapeutic for them to forget about everything else and sweat, run, play, and shout their hearts out for a few hours.

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