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Sideline Demeanor

Billy and DadMy three children have been around my team since they were born and I told them when they turned 10 years old they could be on the sideline during a game. Last February my oldest daughter, Holly turned 10.  No sooner than us celebrating her birthday did she remind me that she is now allowed on the sidelines. That was fine with me and I was actually very excited to have her down on field level. Holly loves sports and plays several sports throughout the year.

The problem was dealing with my 8 year old son Billy.  When Billy found out that Holly was going to be on the sideline, he started pleading and prodding.  Finally, I had to give in and allow both of them to be there for our first game of the 2013 season. Mary is only 6 so she still likes being with Mom in the stands!

To add to the excitement, Holly wanted to sing the National Anthem. Wow!  She practiced before our scrimmage the week before and did quite well. But now she was on the big stage; Lynchburg vs. Salisbury at home-1:00.

Holly nailed the Anthem and she and Billy were on the sidelines for the game.  I have attached a picture of Billy walking out with me before the game. His face says it all and a picture is definitely worth a 1,000 words.

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Logan Short- A Way of Life

Logan Short is someone that comes around only once in awhile. Logan was a walk on from Delaware and he had an infectious personality. He knew all of the mascots of everybody’s high school and was always trying to find out new trivia.

On the field, Logan earned his way onto our team and in his senior year ran on a very important midfield line with a young Brian Kemper and Andy Sinclair.

They were huge in the ODAC Championship game and played very cool under very intense situations.

Logan was always very passionate about Lynchburg College and continues to be to this day. He was a very hard working self motivated person who has had continued success since graduating college.

It was an honor to coach Logan Short!

To read more about Logan Short and why he thinks Lynchburg Lacrosse is a Way of Life, be sure to check his post here:

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A Way Of Life

A Way of Life

One of the highlights of this job is getting the chance to sit down with some alumni, talk, and share some of our greatest memories.  It is almost unbelievable to think that I am entering my 17th year as head coach. I cannot begin to tell you about the impact the student athletes have had on this program over the years.  However, I can say that each person who has played for me has been truly important to me in all kinds of ways.

When I took over this program in the summer of 1996, the first thing I wanted to do was to recruit the best people I possibly could. I wanted to surround myself with guys that had the same passion for this sport that I did and who could share the same vision that I had. I have been blessed with all of those who have been a major part of my time here at Lynchburg.

During the dinner this summer with the alumni, I could not escape a theme that seemed to manifest itself the more we talked. This theme was: Lynchburg Lacrosse is, in many ways, A Way of Life. The alums would say something, or tell a great that would always seem to lead itself back to this very theme. All of the things they went through and experienced led them to think of this program as a true Way of Life.

Upon the conclusion of this dinner, my current assistants, all LC Graduates, sat down and decided that we as a program should reach out to the alumni and ask them to share their stories. These stories are meant to describe the Lynchburg College Men’s Lacrosse Program’s,A Way of Life.

Over the next several weeks and months I encourage you to check in to read the latest installments of The Way of Life that can be found on our Athletics webpage and on the Lynchburg Lacrosse Facebook page. Also, check in to this blog to read a few words about the alumni who will be featured each week.

I hope you enjoy these stories and the comments that I make about these special people. These stories embody the phrase; A Way of Life.

Coach Koudelka


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The Championship Season

This blog got off to a good start, but our postings weren’t as regular as we’d like so next year we’re going to work on writing more posts; in the meantime, we just finished one of the greatest seasons in Lynchburg College Lacrosse history!

We concluded with a 17-2 record, our 4th ODAC Title and our 6th trip to the NCAA Tournament. Obviously, we would have liked to finish our season with a National Championship, but we will move forward with that goal into the 2013 season.

The NCAA championships are a different beast and one difference that is very profound is the bench limits established by the NCAA Championships committee.  For Division III Lacrosse we are allowed to play 28 players in the contest. We are also allowed 14 more bench personnel on the sidelines, 2 of which must be medical staff,Athletic Trainers.  Therefore you have 12 spots to really work with. We ended up with 4 coaches and 8 student-athletes rounding out that 12.

This may not seem like a huge issue, but when you carry a team of 52 student-athletes + Ryan Beale – therefore 53, this proposes a problem come NCAA time.  Where do the other members of the team sit?

In the stands. Therefore, we had to place 17 guys in the stands. Ryan Beale was with us on the sidelines.

I am a strong believer that every person on the roster has a role; they have a role in practice and they have a role during games. We have groups of players that simulate the other teams EMO, we have players that simulate the other teams offense and defense. They may even have roles off the field.  All in all, they all play a major role in the team’s success. We told our guys about the roster and we went down the players that would be on the bench during the game on Friday. I wanted to get this out into the open and have each player understand their role a day in advance.  I cannot express how horrible it felt to read these names out and ask them to change their role from being on the sideline to trying to carry out their role from the bleachers.  Turn a negative into a positive.

Before each game just before the National Anthem, our guys get together on the Seniors and say a couple of quick motivational words.  On game day, one of the seniors, Jon Lombardo, asked me if it was NCAA permissible to conduct that pre-game huddle at the base of the bleachers where the 17 guys would be standing.  I told him that was fine and they proceeded to carry this out just before the playing of the National Anthem.



There are things that I will remember about this year and that moment will rank among the best.

We struggled in January with how many players to carry. We had never carried more than 47 or 48, but thought it would be in the best interest of this team and the future of this program to carry a few extra guys. We ended up carrying 52. We travelled to every game with all of them and in one instance that meant that some of the coaches had to take a school car. We were able to purchase extra jerseys for the guys above the #49.  That was all we had heading into the spring.  All in all, this group of 53 became 1…  One Heartbeat.

To those guys in the bleachers, thank you.  You handled yourself with class and dignity in a time where complaining would have been readily acceptable.  Your hard work and your efforts are going to pay off in the long run and while we work our best to get these sideline numbers increased through the NCAA Championships Committee, it will be your turn to be on the sidelines next year and lead this team as others have done before you.  Let’s Hunt!


Coach Koudelka

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Leadership and athletics

Last fall we had Joe Ehrmann come to our campus and speak to our student-athletes. Joe has an incredible bio and now speaks all over America on so many topics. He spoke to our junior and senior student-athletes as well as other student leaders on our campus. His message was about doing the right thing and the struggles we all have on becoming a man and a woman. It was a powerful message and our students were engaged the entire night.  Read more ›

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Tebow Time

As a college coach, I think I have a tendency to watch sports with a different approach than the casual fan. Over the past several years there has been one athlete that I have watched with a close eye — Tim Tebow.

A couple of years ago I took our family down to Florida to see my parents. One afternoon we went out to explore and found ourselves at a sporting goods store.  My son, who was 4 at the time, was begging for a Florida football uniform – the kind that comes in a box with pants, shoulder pads, a helmet and a jersey. We are a big Alabama family and at that point Florida was the biggest hurdle that Alabama faced in winning the SEC. Read more ›

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36 hours!

It’s been almost a month since Homecoming Weekend 2011, and I’m still thinking about what a great few days it was for Lynchburg Lacrosse.  As anyone can imagine that weekend is a busy time for everyone on our campus and it was no different for our team members.  Therefore, I will try my best to take you inside our program for a 36-hour period of Homecoming Weekend. Read more ›

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Time for Fall Ball

Fall Ball is here! This is always an exciting time on our campus, and we are going to have the opportunity to scrimmage the defending national champions in Division I lacrosse – the University of Virginia! They will be coming to Lynchburg on Thursday night, October 6th. Our team is excited to host such a great program and an event like this is going to be great for our team, College, and surrounding community. It will be a great night for lacrosse in Lynchburg! Learn more details here.

Please take a moment to look at our newly designed web page. We have a new feature this fall that highlights our alumni of the lacrosse program. I have been very blessed to coach some unbelievable student-athletes over my 15 years. Each week we are going to highlight one or two alumni and have them write about their experiences at Lynchburg College. The first alumni we highlighted was Whit Tenent ’04 who made incredible marks in this program for his work ethic and attitude. Chad Clark ’06 was highlighted recently and while Chad was one of the best defensemen to ever play here, I also had the great fortune of having Chad as an assistant coach for a couple of years while he earned his master’s degree. Both are great individuals who embody the spirit that we like in our student-athletes. The alumni are a very integral part of our program and we are using this feature to highlight all of those who have laid the foundation for future Hornets.

Just recently our Lynchburg College website featured a piece on Ryan Beale ’12. Ryan was in a very serious car accident two years ago that left him paralyzed from the mid-chest down. He has been an inspiration to many since that day. He returned to campus last spring to finish his degree and has fit right back in on campus. Lynchburg College has been amazing at making sure Ryan has what he needs to be successful here as it does with every student. Ryan has a drive and passion to take what God has handed him and make the best of the situation. Truly an inspiration.

Our annual Midnight Mile was a great event for our team. The students on our campus are extremely supportive of the program and this run, believe it or not, usually draws around 500 fans. It is a crazy scene, but one that speaks to the student support; Red Swarm! This fall, we will have two scrimmages. One will be our Alumni Game which has been a great event. Our alumni come back in great numbers and over the past couple of years, they have been able to put All-Americans all over the field. It is a great opportunity for our guys to play against the men who played before them and also a great way for our current players to connect with the alumni. It is a big piece of this program.

It’s a great day to be a Hornet!

Coach Koudelka

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