Summer Abroad in Australia

coronel-scubaThis summer, I traveled to Australia for an athletic training internship with a Western Australia Football League (WAFL) team through a company called The Education Abroad Network (TEAN). I loved working as a sports trainer for the Subiaco Lion Football club. It took me a few weeks to learn the game of Australian football, but it quickly grew on me. Before I knew it, I was a die-hard fan. I learned awesome new injury treatment techniques and met great people. My coworkers were so good to me. I didn’t think that the language would differ too much from what I was accustomed to in the US, but it did! There are tons of slang words and phrases that Australians often use. Some of my favorites are “no worries,” “cheers,” and “how you going?” It was so fun to always be learning about the carefree Australian way of life. I can honestly say I heard a new phrase or learned a new tradition almost every week until I came home.

coronel-elephantDuring my free time, I was able to explore and enjoy other parts of Australia. Some highlights include scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, white water rafting in Cairns, jet boating the Sydney Harbour with views of the Sydney Opera House, feeding kangaroos in the Outback (the “bush”), and sand boarding down the dunes in Lancelin. One weekend, my friends and I flew to Bali, Indonesia, where we rode elephants and swam in lagoons. I had an absolute blast going on those adventures, but my favorite spot that I visited most frequently was Kings Park, in Perth. The views in Kings Park were spectacular; the best part overlooks the city and the Swan River. I walked through Kings Park several times a week to spend time at the café and the view never got old; I stopped almost every time just to look out over the water, city and mountains behind. It was so beautiful, especially during sunsets!

I’m so fortunate for the opportunity to complete my athletic training internship overseas and study abroad with TEAN in a country that I had always dreamed of visiting. I will never forget the experiences I gained, the memories I made, or the wonderful people I met in Australia.

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