Midnight Madness 2012

Team Introduction at Midnight Madness

Turner gymnasium was stormed by crowds of students, faculty, staff, and alumni on Friday night October 19, 2012. The doors opened at 10 p.m. to long lines of excited fans waiting in anticipation to see the 2012-2013 Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams as well as celebrate the successes of current fall sports. This was just the beginning of the third consecutive Midnight Madness held at Lynchburg College. Students of the Lynchburg College community who attended the event were provided with pizza and plenty of water and lemonade to drink along with a raffle ticket for prizes drawn throughout the evening. Once receiving their evening snack people hurried to find open places in the stands. The night kicked off with President Garren and his wife performing the famous Hornet Hop and continued with the celebration of the fall teams’ successes thus far. Next cheerleaders were introduced and performed an upbeat routine that got the crowd to their feet in spirit. Following the routine the lights went off as members of the 2012-2013 Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams were announced under spotlight. Once all student-athletes were announced the night continued with a 3 point shooting contest, being a fan 101 course, intermixed scrimmage (women’s and men’s teams together) and finally the highly anticipated dunk contest. The night came to an end just at midnight as everyone participated in a group wide dance of “The Electric Slide” and received t-shirts from the event. The evening proved to be very entertaining and enjoyable for all those involved in the effort to show our student-athletes support.

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