Time to work

This is a guest post by Katie Crump #33, class of 2012.


Basketball season has finally begun! We’ve closed out the second week of practice and I couldn’t be more excited for my senior year. Coach Pyzik has assembled a phenomenal group of players who come in every day ready to work, compete, and learn what it takes to be a member of the women’s basketball team here at LC.

Every program across the country wants to say they’re a family but here at Lynchburg, we are. From coaches to players to alumni, we are a solid unit. WE work hard, WE push each other every day, and most importantly, WE have an ability to come together through good times and tough times. I wouldn’t trade one memory for anything — championships, awards, stats, or anything else you could offer me. All those accolades are great and are goals we will accomplish, but what I’ve won so far can’t be given out on a plaque or certificate or seen on a board in Turner.

I’ve won a place in Lynchburg College women’s basketball history that’s built on tradition, respect, loyalty, trust, and family. There is no doubt in my mind that five, ten, or thirty years down the road I can call any of my coaches or teammates and say, “Hey, remember that one time …” and not start to smile or laugh. Scrambling through shell drill, finally jump-stopping, using your right hand, running the letters, seeing the sun rise and set through the windows in Turner, playing a seven game series, experiencing the heartbreak of one-point losses, feeling  the exhilaration of beating rivals (some nationally ranked!), sharing pre-game handshakes, somehow  making “BELIEVE” and “FOCUS” every other word you say, being a member of the sunrise crew and many other things that may seem miniscule or even gibberish to others – these are the best, most amazing memories you possess just because you were a part of this program.

Maybe I’m sentimental because it’s my last year, but now I know how the seniors before me felt. This year is a year of personal “lasts”- last year of tryouts, last go around in the ODAC, last home game in Turner, last semester of class and many more. That’s not my focus. It’s time for our FIRST ODAC Championship. It’s time to put a banner up and it’s time to show what Lynchburg basketball is all about.

The journey to raising a banner starts with a double header on November 15 against soon- to -be ODAC competition Shenandoah at 5:30 p.m. followed by the men’s basketball game (LC versus Ferrum) at 7 p.m. in Turner Gym.

See you on the floor!

Katie Crump #33

Class of 2012

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2 comments on “Time to work
  1. Kathy Crump Dixon says:

    Katie, love your blog. It made me cry to read it. You are such a joy to your family, and we are all sooooo proud of you. We all look forward to a great season from the Hornets. Granddaddy, Scott, and I are all rooting for you. Gooooo Hornets!!!

  2. Lori Greenlief says:

    Can’t wait to share this special season with you, Katie, and with all the girls, from the stands!! I’ll try to cheer as loudly as Mr. Greenlief this year!! haha

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